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Business Headshots


280 staff needed new or fresh headshots for their LinkedIn and work profiles. This was done over several days due to shift plans in order to give everyone the opportunity to have their photo taken. Lots of them loved the monochrome versions produced as well as the colour versions. Here is a selection of the photos.


Over several days, we organised a series of photo sessions to accommodate all staff members, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to have their headshot taken. We provided both colour and monochrome versions to meet diverse preferences and enhance the professional appeal of each portrait.


The photo sessions were highly successful, with many staff members expressing a preference for the monochrome versions alongside the colour ones. The selection of photos now serves to update and unify the professional profiles of the staff, enhancing their individual and collective presence on professional platforms.

Project Cost

£ 1500 + 1 day editing @ £500

Project Location


Number of Hours

3 x 7 hour days + 1 day editing