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Portrait & event services offered

Please review the variety of services that I can offer to your business or personally to you.

Music Events

Business Headshots

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Business Headshots

Social & Weddings

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Social & Weddings

Commercial Photography

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Commercial Photography

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Portrait Photography

Portraits are for most people difficult. Being able to relax in front of a camera is not the easiest of things to do. Making the client relaxed is the most important thing when capturing the client.

I can come to your home or premise, or you can come to my small studio where we can in a relaxed manner capture the image that you want to show the world. I shoot tethered, so you can straight away view the image on an iPad and choose your favourites, knowing that you can walk away relaxed and satisfied with what you are going to receive.

Music Events

Does your band need some new or fresh photos for an album or EP release? Do you need a gig captured for your social media and press releases. I can capture the artist regardless of the location or size of the venue.

Please review my music portfolio and see if this fits the style and theme you require. Together we can bring your vision to light!

Social Events & Weddings

Do you have a special birthday or anniversary that needs capturing. Or have you decided to tie the knot and want your special day captured for eternity. I talk with the clients to make sure that all those special moments are captured, those special people in your life photographed in such a way that you will want to have prints on the wall.

A special event needs to be covered in such a way that the guests don’t even really notice that there was a photographer present. They just want to have fun and celebrate the day.

If this is how you envision your day being captured then please get in touch.

Commercial Photographer

As an engineer I understand about design. So much effort has gone into getting the product ready, both functionally and aesthetically. Now you want to show all this hard work to the world. Lighting it correctly, showing all the new & specific details.

Or do you have a new production line producing a new product or using the latest technology? You want to show it off in a way so that your clients will see how innovative you are.

Having worked in industry for over 30 years I understand your passion and all the hard work that has gone into this product. If you want someone who gets what you want and can possibly add to the ideas then please contact me.

Sports Photography

Does your event need an experienced photographer how has a track record of delivering top quality photos of athletes at a variety of events? Does your club want a team photo or a special event covered? I am an official sports photographer of the UK’s biggest growing running club and have covered a wide variety of events in all conditions.

If you need photos that you will be proud to have printed and on your website them please get in touch.


Do you require a landscape to adorn your new home or premises? A talking point or something relaxing to fill those dull white walls. I have an extensive collection of landscapes that can be printed or dressed on canvas for you.

Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any of my work.

Food Photography

You’ve sourced all the ingredients, you’ve perfected the menu, the presentation is 5 star. Now you want to show your clients what you have to offer. Whether it be in your restaurant or your market stall I can come to you and capture your latest creation for you to show the world.

Please get in contact if you need any of your delicious food photographed.